Stop your daily ratrace or unconscious routines.
Stop living ruled by the I, Me, Mine biological impulses.
Raise awareness on the paradigms you live by.
Realize and sense you are the we. Connected to all. 

Donation based soothing and transforming online day program for all ages, colors, sexes and religions. Connect with your soul, with consciousness, source. The field underneath right and wrong. The natural homebase where you can start living from.

Seeing your real work, finding true love, joy and fulfillment by being here now.
Being alive. Being you, part of the whole, sharing your light. Your talents. Your attention. Your ego aches. Your smile.

Joining and adding to the shift in consciousness that is taking place.
Taking care of us, all living beings. Recognize ourselves in the other.
Connect, collaborate, being creative, being brave, act form the heart, seeing beauty, sensing gratitute. 
Growing in consciousness day by day into our everyday live actions.

Underneath your unique knowledge, skills and talents it’s about consciousness, focused attention and heartset. Moment by moment.

We are the future here and now. ♥ We are all just walking each other home

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